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We're Proud to Welcome our New Apprentice!

🚗Packard Automotive is proud to be a participant in the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program and have welcomed our first apprentice from Cudahy High School to the Packard team!

We believe that to grow our community and industry, the investment in our youth is a social responsibility to ensure that the trades that built our country are carried into the next generation.

Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship program is a part of a statewide School-to-Work initiative. It is designed for high school students who want hands-on learning in an occupational area at a worksite along with classroom instruction.

For more information about youth apprenticeship, please visit:

Packard Automotive - Quick, Qualified, Courteous and Convenient. 5780 S Packard Ave, Cudahy, Wi 53110 (414)483-3631

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