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We Are Proud To Support Women In the Auto Industry

Packard Automotive has partnered with the Alverno College Internship program to support students in their educational goals by providing both “hands-on” experience, and an opportunity to break into an industry that is grossly underrepresented by women.

Jessica Flores was welcomed by Packard Automotive and joined the team as part of the Alverno Internship program. Jessica is the second student to intern with Packard Automotive in the past year and both interns brought great energy and fresh perspectives to the Packard Auto team.

“Despite being the largest automotive customer [women], woman-owned auto repair shops and female auto technicians & mechanics are rare. As a result, a recent study/experiment by Northwestern University found that women who are uninformed on what a repair may cost are consistently quoted a higher price than men in the same situation. This is slowly changing as we see more women auto mechanics in the auto industry, and I am proud to be contributing to change this unfair pattern in our industry and the unequal treatment of female customers.” Edina Rusitovski- Proud Female Owner of Packard Automotive

Regarding her internship, Jessica Flores said, “Although Covid-19 took a toll on everyone and every business, Packard Automotive never backed down from providing the best experience as an intern and customer service. I was welcomed and felt that women empowerment from the second I got there. The niche of women being in this type of market stood out to me and felt confident in myself and Edina to move Packard Auto to the top in the Milwaukee area. Packard Auto was my first internship, and I will always look back to where my journey started and will forever have open arms for them. I thank everyone that helped me grow as a student, person, and intern there. I recommend Packard Auto for further internships as they continue to grow and change the market. Here’s to 2021 and beyond!”

Want to hire an intern from Alverno College’s award-winning internship program? They have an ability-based curriculum that prepares students for success in the real world, and they offer a wide variety of majors in business, healthcare, STEM, education, social sciences, and humanities. Please contact their Career Studio at 414-382-6010 for more information.

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